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Our tennis programs are offered to youth and adults of all skill levels! Our tennis professionals have received many high honors from the USTA and pride themselves on teaching everyone the great game of tennis!

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Our tennis professionals are interested in developing great players as well as great people.  We want the children to learn, while having fun.  So, come out and join us, have some fun and become a great player! 

It is at the discretion of the Head Pro and the Director of Tennis to determine when students should advance to the next level.

Private Drills:  If you feel safer forming your own group, we will be happy to plug your group into a time of your choosing, or we can use one of the times set aside for a previously scheduled class.  All private drills must have a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6.

Maximum number of students per court will be determined by the state mandates and strictly adhered to.

This is a 1 hour class for kids from 4-12 years old who will learn the basic techniques of forehands, backhands, serves, volleys and overheads.  The pros will also work on balance, footwork, sportsmanship and teamwork.  This class will use red or orange tennis balls.

This invitational class is for those who are ready to transition out of quick start.  The pros will invite those who are ready to make the move. 

This is a 1.5 hour class which is the next level after Quick Start.  Children will continue to work on stroke production and the necessary repetition.  Games will be introduced along with the scoring system.  Sportsmanship and teamwork will continue to be emphasized.  This class will transition from orange balls to green and then yellow balls.

This 2 hour class is designed for high school or younger tournament players who have a strong sense of the scoring system and how the game is played.  The emphasis will be on patterns of play, strategies, shot selection, point production, footwork and conditioning.  These players will still be improving their skills through repetition and drills.


Missing singles match play?

Get back to it this fall with the RiverWinds tennis ladder!  Players can compete to accrue points and climb up the ladder!  Movement up and down the ladder will keep things competitive so finding great matches will be a breeze.  All matches will be scheduled by Adam on Saturdays and Sundays to begin the ladder, but after some time, the players will take responsibility for scheduling their own matches.  

Each player must supply and serve with their own tennis balls.  The match will be 1.5 hours in duration with regular scoring and you play until the time is up.  So the score could potentially be 20-18 and results must be reported to Adam by both players upon completion of the match.

$40 Registration Fee for the fall season and a cost of $15 per match 

Members will receive a $5 discount on the registration fee.  The free junior court time does not apply.

Please contact Adam Kinsley, Junior Ladder Coordinator at akinsleywd@gmail.com or 856-885-3199 to sign up

See what others are saying about RiverWinds’ Tennis Programs!!

“Our kids made great improvements at tennis while having a fantastic time.  Wonderful instructors and lots of fun!”

-Sue Kim & Matt Fred

“RiverWinds Summer Tennis Camp is the only summer program Aiden has ever asked to come back to-he learns so much, has made friends, and is excited to attend every morning. The staff makes the days so fun that he doesn’t want to leave, and he feels like they are all part of our family.”

-Jaclyn Moore & Frank Bardon

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